About GCG

Background / history

Take a look at the garden plan!

The Graceville Community Garden was officially established in May 2010. The garden operates as a shared space, and aims to:

  • Strengthen communities and families
  • Educate children and others about sustainability
  • Grow food and other plants
  • Beautify the suburb and act as a place for community arts
  • Care for the environment. 

Click the image to the right to view the community's plans for the garden!

The GCG is auspiced by the Benarrawa Community Development Organisation and is supported by Brisbane City Council's community gardens initiative.

Committee information

The inaugural Annual General Meeting of the GCG was last held in June 2013. See the document linked here for minutes of 2010's AGM.

The committee executive for the 2013-14 financial year include:

  • Coordinator – John Fitzwalter
  • Vice-Coordinator - Tim Auld
  • Secretary – Marjorie Heasman
  • Treasurer – Marjorie Heasman
  • Committee Members – Paul Grace; Susan Carley; Andrew Carley


The GCG Committee ratified our constitution in early March 2011. Refer to the document linked here for details.

Memorandum of Understanding with Benarrawa

As part of our auspicing arrangement, the GCG has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Benarrawa Community Development Organisation. Refer to the document linked here for details.